Peloid medicinal mud in Sabunike Croatia

Peloid medicinal mud | Sabunike

Peloid medicinal mud is part of a sandy beach in Sabunike in Croatia.

Peloid mud consists of humus and minerals formed after desintegration of different plants through years of natural process in salty sea of shallow lagoon.

It has been used for centuries as treatment or alleviation of different rheumatic disorders, arthritis, sciatica, skin diseases, infertility in women and healthy people use it for fun and taking pictures.

Every year thousands of people, many of which have alleviated or completely cured their diseases, visit this place. The use and the extraction are free and accessible to all. Since it is being extracted from its natural environment, it’s always fresh and high quality.

Usage of Peloid Mud in Croatia

Before using it, everyone should consult a medically qualified person about the use. Therapy usually lasts for about 20 days in a way that every day the sick spot is coated with a thin layer of mud, then it dries in the sun approximately 35 minutes and after it is washed in a warm shallow sea. The Sun is a very important factor.

Use at your own responsibility. Area of heart and kidneys is not recommended for coating.

There is the curative mud, found on the nereby beach,whose curative properties, along with the sun and warm water, make thermotherapy possible and helps to cure various rheumatics, arthritis, female infertility… The therapy is conducted under the doctor’s observation in the open space. It has been used since the day of the Roman Empire.